I am currently working on our loose campaign story-arc. While we will be hitting certain places central to the plotline, know that this is a sandbox campaign. Through reading The Lazy Dungeon Master, I have been encouraged by the fact that many of the premises of campaign development that the author outlines and suggests are organic to my own processes. Don’t be mislead by my lengthy description of Brumhaard. I like to fill spare moments fleshing things out, but that does not mean that a full page description implies that you have to stay there. That goes for everything else, too. I will also be careful not to mislead the party. It can ruin a story to describe things in such detail as to lead the party into looking for breadcrumbs that are simply not there. I am pretty good at offering disclaimers to that effect. It’ll be fine. The devil is in the details, and that blade can cut both ways and muddy the waters of a plotline.

Sunday will be our first session, but is sort of unoffical. I am personally using Sunday’s delve as a crash-course in rules familiarization, both from behind the screen and on the table. In addition, the PCs will flex their characters and see how they feel about them. I have decided that tying the delve into the campaign is possible, and if I can pull it off, might be pretty cool, too. That way it doesn’t feel like a boring-ass playtest. The only character who may not get a chance to build up a head of steam is Katie’s. But worry not, fair maiden. Your Machiavellian and wanton ways will be an important part of the campaign. But then again, who knows. I guess we’ll see…

Fertile Fields

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