Orog Adventurer


Neutral Good Level Six Orc/Ogre Mixbreed Barbarian (Invulnerable Barbarian and Urban Barbarian Archetypes)


roughly 6’10" 300 lbs
skull war paint
studded leather, light shield, myriad array of weapons

*Born to War. His Ogre Mother was stabbed during a battle while carrying Kallimakh. She died in the resultant childbirth and he was raised by his father’s orc tribe for the first part of his life.
*The orc tribe (the axe clan?) was later defeated by a group of adventurers. Beret “The Ferret” Greenbottle (M Halfling rogue}, Haleen Songsteel(F Human Paladin of Torm), Eny Yk Bg’yuok (Elven Ranger), Ivan Anvilforge (M Dwarven Barbarian), maybe more.
*Unsure of what to do with the orc children, they herded them to another orc tribe. Haleen however was intrigued by one that showed a warrior’s heart but no sign of corruption. She decided to keep the lad until he was of age to squire.
*most of the party was older and near retirement age. Beret volunteered to look over the boy in his home village until he was ready. Kallimakh was there about a year before he began to outgrow the buildings.
*Ivan volunteered to take him in next at his dwarven settlement. Kallimakh was there two years before racial tension from some of the dwarves made it prudent to move to stay with Eny.
*he stayed with the elves for 2 years. After breaking a bow due to his strength while training, they made him one built for his strength, he’s kept it over the years, repairing it and reinforcing it as he got older.
*When he was of age Haleen returned and took him as a squire, hoping to teach him in the ways of Torm. Kallimakh didn’t take well to it, though he learned a lot.
*As an adult he chose to leave her service and attempt to return to his orcish roots and learn more of them, he travelled with a few clans for a few years, before deciding he was best off on his own, indulging his natural wanderlust and curiosity.
*He spent some time as a Duskwalker Agent (or FR equivalent) guarding merchant caravans and the like. Making a reputation for himself.


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