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Our party will find themselves on the world of Toril, on the vast continent of Faerun. Our adventure begins in Jorgenhall, a town in the modest kingdom of Brumhaard. Brumhaard is located north by northeast of Waterdeep, a few miles inland from the Sword Coast. Brumhaard is tucked up against the Spine of the World at the heads of the Rivers Mirar and Surbin, and contains within its borders the Forest of Lurkwood. Within a day or three’s ride lay Neverwinter, Mithral Hall, Luskan and the Great Cultural Center of humanity on the Sword Coast, Waterdeep. Brumhaard’s chief industries are logging and mining. It has a stable royal line and elected officials comprising the government. The population of Brumhaard numbers less than 5000. The people of Brumhaard value hard work, self-reliance, personal liberty and accountability. Because of the kingdom’s proximity to the Spine of the World mountain range, it has long served as a tripwire for horde activity or other incursions moving east and south. Brumhaard may be modest, but the people and government are well-respected for their stability and reliability. They truly embody, as a people, the humble strength of human potential.

Jorgenhall is both the seat of Brumhaard’s government and the most densely populated town. The militia headquarters is located there along with the royal estate. A market district, such as it is, is both fed by and feeds the trade along the River Mirar. Land trade also flows south along the secure roads heading toward Waterdeep and places beyond.

Brumhaard’s climate is fairly typical of lands meeting mountain ranges. There are four seasons and ample rainfall. Winters see regular snow and spring is characterized by regular rainfall that lasts through the summer. Temperatures are mild across the year. Fog is most common in the late summer and fall, and can be extremely dense. Our adventure begins in late summer/early fall.

The kingdom of Brumhaard has not seen war or strife since the last horde activity, decades ago. Despite this long reprieve from violence and upheaval, their militia are disciplined and well-trained, and enjoy the benefits of a long-standing alliance with Waterdeep. In the past, Waterdeep has been well-served by the intelligence gained from having such a vigilant, albeit unsuspecting, northern ally.

Brumhaard is a good place. But don’t get cozy.

Main Page

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